Bamboo has a potential to generate 12 bln Birr annually: Project (WIC)

Addis Ababa, September 12 (WIC) – The Eastern Africa Bamboo Project has reportedly undertaken various tasks to generate foreign currency for the country by developing the bamboo resource, the project disclosed. Over 12 billion Birr can be generated every year if the country’s bamboo resource is properly utilized.

 A number of tasks are being carried out to put to use the huge bamboo resource in Ethiopia and to get access to local and international markets for bamboo products, Project national coordinator, Melaku Tadesse, told WIC.

 The project is mainly executed by the federal micro and small scale enterprise development agency found under Trade and Industry Ministry as well as the Agriculture and Rural Development.

Melaku said that with a view to enhancing the project’s capacity, a pilot bamboo training center is also established by importing machineries from China.

 The Ethiopian government established the training center last year with the assistance of “Common Fund for Commodities (CFC)” and the UNIDO, according to Melaku.

 If the one million hectares of the country’s bamboo resource is properly utilized, some 12 billion Birr can be generated annually, the national coordinator said, adding, efforts are exerted to boost productivity by modernizing the bamboo development.


Sample bamboo products produced by the trainee's at EABTDC-FeMSEDA

Sample bamboo products produced by the trainee

Melaku also indicated that trainings were provided for 33 Ethiopian and 10 Kenyan trainees by veteran professionals from Latin America and Asia here in Addis. Bamboo products of the trainees are also being demonstrated at an exhibition, he added.

 The training would help promote Ethiopian bamboo products by facilitating export trade in the sector, the national coordinator concluded.



September 12, 2008 at 10:58 pm

Ethiopia to export bamboo products (ERTA)

The Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) said to factories are to export Ethiopian bamboo products to overseas. Speaking at relevant meeting on Tuesday, MoTI State Minister, Tadesse Haile said bamboo resource in Ethiopia accounts for 67 per cent of that in Africa. The meeting will be deliberating on bamboo development projects in Africa in general and in Ethiopia and Kenya in particular. In Ethiopia bamboo projects are implemented under the micro and small-scale enterprises scheme. It was indicated on the occasion that bamboo plantations contribute towards alleviating the adverse impacts of climate change.

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Eastern Africa Bamboo Project named as a “Model Flagship Project” for Africa (ERTA)

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Validation Workshop conducted for the National Bamboo Sector Strategy Framework (ERTA)

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Workshop opened on Bamboo tree development (ERTA)


State Minister of Trade and Industry Tadesse Haile said development and efficient utilization of bamboo tree will contribute a lot towards reducing poverty as well as improving the livelihood of the society. The minister made the statement while opening a half-day workshop on five year bamboo tree development strategy of the nation. He said the five year strategy will play crucial role in disseminating knowledge and improved technologies in bamboo development sector to the local people and encourage investors to engage in the sector. According to the state minister some entrepreneurs have already launched investment projects and registered tangible results in the sector.

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MPs stress need for efficiently exploiting bamboo resource in Ethiopia

Elderly groups and Local officials giving tributes to EABP and its fruitful results in Bamboo development

Elderly groups and Local officials giving tributes to EABP and its fruitful results in Bamboo development

Monday, 19 January 2009




Addis Ababa, January 19 (WIC) – Members of the House of People & Representatives (HPR) said that it is imperative to step up efforts so as to efficiently tap the country’s bamboo resources. While visiting the Eastern Africa Bamboo Project (EABP) members of the Agriculture and Rural Development standing committee of the house through their representative, Tsegaye Brhane said that the efforts being made to exploit the country’s bamboo resources should further be strengthened. He said that activities being carried out to improve the livelihood of farmers should be stepped-up by integrating bamboo development with the industrial sector. The representative also appreciated efforts the EABP is making in collaboration with the Federal Micro and Small Enterprises Development Agency (FeMSEDA) and non-governmental organizations. National coordinator of EABP, Melaku Tadesse also on the occasion said that the visit was organized to observe the results achieved and the challenges faced by the project. Ethiopia possesses close to 67 per cent of the bamboo resource of Africa, the coordinator said, and added that the nation could generate about 12 billion birr annually from its bamboo resources. The national coordinator also pointed out that various trainings were provided on the development of bamboo in various parts of the country by foreign trainers so as to boost the economic benefit of the country. Members of the House visited the bamboo training center at FeMSEDA, the bamboo products center which is the first of its kind in the country and the bamboo seed germination unit at the Debrezeit Agricultural research center.

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Premier discusses with UNIDO Director General Kandeh Yumkella

Addis Ababa, January 28, 2009 (ENA) – Prime Minister Meles Zenawi here on Wednesday discussed with Kandeh Yumkella, Director General of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

The two sides discussed issues of concern on the development and promotion of agriculture and industry particularly in some sub-sectors including leather, oil seed and bamboo production.

During the discussion Meles appreciated UNIDO’s role to promote Ethiopia’s leather products and agro-processing unit.

The government of Ethiopia is grateful to the organization’s support through providing capacity building and other development assistances, Meles said.

UNIDO is undertaking various programs in Ethiopia to promote the country’s agricultural subsectors in the areas of cereal production, leather products and bamboo.

It is also undertaking various activities to promote design industry in Ethiopia.

UNIDO Director General told reporters that his organization is working to advance the idea of promoting Ethiopia’s brand to the world.

UNIDO wants to scale-up designing sector in Ethiopia particularly in the private sector, which highly engages in the business.

R 1:00-1:15 pm


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Minister says utmost efforts underway to make use of bamboo plant

ENA: Assosa, November 3, 2008 (Assosa) – State Minister of Trade and Industry, Tadesse Haile, on Sunday said efforts are being exerted to enable farmers benefit from effective use of bamboo plant. Nearly one million hectares of land is covered with bamboo trees in the country.

H.E. Mr. Tadesse Haile, State Minister of MoTI-FDRE

H.E. Mr. Tadesse Haile, State Minister of MoTI-FDRE

Handing over certificates to 50 farmers, trained in making modern furniture from bamboo plant, Tadesse said local and foreign demand for furniture made of bamboo plant has been steadily increasing.


Hence, conditions are being facilitated to provide technical and material assistance to farmers so as to enable them benefit from the resource.


Bamboo furniture manufacturing company being established in Assosa Town helped to increase interest of farmers to participate in bamboo development.


East Africa Bamboo plant development project coordinator, Melaku Tadese on his part said new species of bamboo plant imported to develop them in three regional states favorable for bamboo development.


Some of the trainees said the training was helpful to them to effectively use the plant thereby change their livelihood. Some 50 farmers drawn from Assosa Town attended the training.


T…10:10-10:50 am



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